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Amie Beauregard:


A self-made rider amieaidan1

Amie’s earliest memories are imbued with her passion for horses.  Every detail of equine care and training thrilled her and she sought to experience all things horse.  In her early childhood she was also very intrigued with gymnastics and aspired to be a member of the US Gymnastic Team with her inspiration coming from Nadia Comaneci of Romania, a three time Olympic gold medal winner.  She later became interested in bodybuilding while living in Venice Beach, CA and then developed an incredible fascination with functional anatomy after attending massage school in Santa Monica.  She brings all of her knowledge and thought process from these disciplines to her training program for both horse and rider.

Amie began riding with Heather Bender in 1990.

Heather Bender has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, has participated on several national dressage committees, earned an approved ‘R’ judges license. An accomplished artist and writer, she has published more than 30 articles in top national magazines including Dressage Today, Hunter & Sport Horse, and Practical Horseman.

Heather remains an inspiration and mentor.

Amie has also studied with Michael Poulin, Willy Arts and many other top trainers and is currently under the tutelage of Rachel Saavedra, an experienced Grand Prix competitor and trainer as well as an examiner for the USDF certification program.

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